Scale in Polyend Play

I read the manual and found this phrase, “The musical scales filter function is not limited to the View controller.” does it mean that if I play a melody in View mode, it will not be in the selected scale?

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If you have set a scale filter, then the View controller (the 4x8 column of pads on the right) will be filtered accordingly so that you can only play that scale.

I think that sentence is just a prelude for the next points in the list, reminding you about all places affected by the scale filter:

  • A selected musical scale will influence all the existing sequences and the MIDI notes output, as well.
  • When changing the track root note or scale, the notes in each step will be adjusted to fit the new scale – each being transposed up by one or two semitones.
  • Using a scale on an existing sequence will quantize all of its notes and chords to that selected musical scale.
  • If a scale filter is turned on, the Repeat tool filters notes to the chosen musical scale.
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Thank you very much for your response

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