Saving Mutes and Solo in patterns

What is the problem?

You should create new patterns without some tracks or use workarounds like empty activated variations when you wanna have a pattern that simply starts with some muted tracks.

What do you want to achieve?

Having an ability to save solos and mutes to patterns. With this simple feature it will require less actions to make natural progressions. Also, when such pattern is activated, you could easily see what tracks are actually there in a waiting state with no need to remember how this pattern was intended to work, remember what variations you should switch etc. As a bonus, it would require less patterns in general to be actively used live. If someone don’t want to save tracks states, it could have a global option.

Are there any workarounds?

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Any links to related discussions?

the original thread from Jaunary the 5th, 2023:

Any references to other products?


This would be nice, indeed.

One solution, would be to add a new global setting for mutes and solos, to be one of these two options:

  • Global
  • Per pattern

Global would be the default, and acts like it does currently. Per pattern would save it with the patterns and automatically activate mutes and solos when the patterns play.

For reference, the Elektron Digitakt allows mutes to be global or “per pattern”, and it functions like this, without a global config setting:

There are two different versions of MUTE mode on the Digitakt:

In GLOBAL MUTE mode, the muted tracks are muted in all patterns, and the trig [TRIG] keys are lit green.

Press [FUNC] + [BANK] to enter GLOBAL MUTE mode. If tracks are muted in GLOBAL MUTE mode, the tracks will flash green when the pattern plays.
Press [FUNC] + [BANK] to exit GLOBAL MUTE mode.

In PATTERN MUTE mode, the muted tracks are muted only in the active pattern, and the trig [TRIG] keys are lit purple.

Press [FUNC] + double-tap [BANK] to enter PATTERN MUTE mode. If tracks are muted in PATTERN MUTE mode, the tracks will flash purple when the pattern plays.
Press [FUNC] + [BANK] to exit PATTERN MUTE mode.

The GLOBAL MUTE mode settings are saved together with the project. The PATTERN MUTE mode settings are saved together with the pattern.


Recently I also encountered this and realized that I really miss this function.

I’ve tried to achieve solo-per-pattern (for non-desctructive subtractive arrangement and whatnot) with Track Speed set to Pause, but unfortunataly the first step (if there is) still gets triggered. The workaround is to set the first step’s volume to zero. Not very handy, but gets job done.

messing with volume is not only cumbersome, but also doesn’t provide visual feedback, so when a pattern starts you don’t really know what tracks are muted. if you need some specific volume for these tracks, you won’t be able to resore them at once.

With the track-speed-set-to-pause trick, I at least can see which tracks are not moving, and thus virtually ‘muted’.

Yes, that would be perfect. I think saving mute states with the patterns is absolutely necessary for live sets. I really hope that can be implemented!

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

yay, we can vote 11 months after the initial wish :+1: high hopes it will become available in the next device.