Saving and recalling patterns

Hi all happy users of Play . last nigh , all night I was watching videos of Play and I was quite impressed by what I saw and heard . what I want to know is if you can recall presets with samples used and saved in a preset.
I asume that Play has song mode where you drop various presets in . will those presets in a song be recalled with the sounds/samples they were save with ? reason I’m asking is most sequencer can recall various settings like arp settings stepts , time signiture and etc but sounds are not recalledwhen you change a presetin a song.
and secondly can you save performances as a presets? what I mean by performances is when you are in performance mode and jamming and you have a happy accident can you save that as a preset ?

Many Thanks

Hi Artour,

I don’t understand what exactly you are looking for with “presets”. There isn’t a preset mode, but I don’t think the Play really needs presets for its workflow. The purpose of the Play is to be fast and fun. It doesn’t have the deep sample editing that the Tracker has and I’ve never wished for a preset before, unlike the Tracker - where you can load “instrument” presets with all the settings and tweaks you’ve made to a sound.
As for performance mode - you cannot save performance mode actions.

Hope that helps!

Hey Mitch , thx . what I need to unrestand . one I have a beat that I’m happy with can i save it ? call it a preset or whatever Polyend might call it?
I understand secont part , I can not save performances .

I also have a hard time understanding what you mean. Do you just want to save what you were working on?. If so, then you can save a project. Check here:

If what you want is to save the audio. Then you want to export. For more details on Export, see here:

I hope that helps. Judging by your name i’m guessing you might be french? Maybe it’s easier if you write your question in french. I’ll gladly translate it then.

Okay I think I understand now, and Sandroid is right. The way the Play works is you have project files that you can save and load. Each project has 128 patterns you can fill. So you load a project up and it has everything you have been working on in the project.

it’s not so difficult to understand what i mean . as Mitch said It’s patterns .
as a side note , do not listen to trolls and scamers that are requesting your support .it all sugar-coated
my question was quite straight forward .
and again get rid of trolls by ignoring them…

Thx for heads up !

Ah you meant Patterns. Well… i’m glad we were able to help you.

But… what do you mean by trolls and scammers requesting support?

(I have changed the topic title accordingly.)

this wish seems to be relevant:

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