Save performance page state per pattern!

What is the problem?

Would like to save the state of buttons in Performance mode per pattern.

What should this feature achieve?

This would allow users to quickly come up with variations in a straight forward method. This would also could be a way to add more effects to track’s when you have used up the fx slots in the sequence page.

for example purposes : You have pattern
Step 1. On your performance page nothing is active (all top row boxes lit up white)
Step 2. Copy Pattern 1 to a new pattern #2.
Step 3: Apply effects in the performance page . (select your tracks , select boxes in rows for random, filter state, etc)
Step 3. SAVE
Step 4. In your song page activate 2 slots. One is the original pattern 1. and the second pattern 2 with saved performance page button states. and hit play.

you would now be able to have different states of your perf. page saved with each pattern. This simple addition of saving the button states per pattern could open up a whole new level for song composition.

As an addition maybe this can be a menu in project settings to turn the feature on /off if some users do not what that. could simply be something like "save performance state " = yes/no

Are there any workarounds?

currently no there is not

@dan.lgrnd let me know if this works ?

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?



Wonderful! Thanks so much for taking the guidelines seriously and writing such a clear and thoughtful wish :slight_smile:

Very minor thing; I think there’s a typo in your example at step 4. I’d edit it for you, but I’m not sure what you are referring to here, unless it’s a 2nd feature request that you would like a “dog” page implemented :upside_down_face:

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Ha ha well maybe it can have a secret dog icon hidden somewhere lol I fixed !

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lol, the funniest thing is that there was a time when the Tracker actually did have a page with a nice pixilated dog, although this particular dog was a Dawg :grin:


No way! Ha that’s amazing lol this was the song I was working on that made me want to save states in patterns.

The sextuplet synth line that comes in sounds really nice when you engage random play on performance page page. But you can’t really get the same effect using tithe fx lanes quite the same way.

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I was about to ask for something similar.

Having the option to have the performance settings global is great, and also having them per project is simply fantastic, but there are cases when you may want to apply them per pattern, I do agree.

So thinking about the different possibilities of having them stored with the pattern, in case it takes a lot of resources, may be a simpler option could be allowing them to be safe as presets, so they can be called and be applied per track when needed :slight_smile:

If what I am suggesting is different, I dont mind openning another wish, as also my wish is for the OG tracker, and not for the “mini”.

Let me know what you think.


I think a Performance Preset Loader could be an interesting approach as well.

A way that you could define and save a preset for a Perfomance Mode setup, which then in turn could be loaded during a session at any time. Not sure what the shortcuts would look like or how to implement a quick switcher at the moment. But just a suggestion.

(lol, should have read the comment above closer :laughing: , i just repeated the same thing :laughing: :heart: )


That could be cool as well. But it is different.
This would at minimum be keeping your performance page effects the same across the board as it is now, but saving what buttons/effects are active per pattern.
pattern one has nothing active. pattern 2 can be the same pattern with Random on tracks, reverse, whatever saved in that state. etc. This would give you multiple varitions saved per pattern in song mode.

Not just variation, but maybe you want your pattern to start with low pass filtered drums in a random pattern, then live you are maybe taking the effects off slowly to real the orig pattern. Lots of possibilities. All they would need to add is saving the state of the buttons pressed per pattern so it should be a pretty easy thing to do and not hog up much extra memory

But having Perf page pre sets in general would also be a good idea to have as well. ecsp if the list of available effects grows in time.

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Saving the performance page per pattern is a really cool approach to the whole idea of commiting the performance stuff somehow into the song data. I would absolutely love this (OG Tracker too please !)

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This is a really cool idea that would sort of approach the Ctrl+All feature of Elektrons in a way. Their patterns are different from Tracker patterns in that all track sounds (i.e. the “Instruments” in the Tracker world) are stored within the pattern. This means you can make all sorts of changes to sounds on a per-pattern basis and switching patterns instantly switches the sounds of each track accordingly.

Since the Tracker stores Instruments separately from the patterns, which are then just sequence data, this “save performance state per pattern” idea would effectively allow you to override the instruments’ default settings and add a similar form of sound variety to the different patterns of a song as you can do so easily on an Elektron Digi box.

This one sure gets my vote once it’s possible to vote.

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Exactly this !! And also it is sort of giving you a way to have more fx since we only have 2 lanes. Most trackers have more than 2.

But at least we can save the states and use it for more interesting fx on top of whatever the 2 fx lanes are already doing.

Like random seq order performance fx. To replicate what it does in the fx lanes would easily eat them both up if not be needing more.

@rick-3687 Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction.

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