Sandroid - Tracker+ / Mini 2.0 Projects

I love the Tracker Mini, Tracker+ and i love you :kissing_heart: .
As a way to give back to the community, i figured i might as well share the initial batch of Tracker+ / Tracker Mini v2.0 projects that i’ve created with you all.

I hope they will be useful to someone :heart:.
And as always - if you have any questions, you know where to find me :wink: .

:information_source:  You are free to use the instruments or any other parts of these projects to your hearts content (commercially or otherwise).

If you do, please share them with us / me.
Any shoutout / accreditation are of course greatly appreciated :blush:

Sandroid - PERC Qué?
Project Download: (2.9 MB)

Sandroid - Respiration
Project Download: (1017.4 KB)

Sandroid - Desert Echoes
Project Download: (578.8 KB)


Thanks for sharing Sandroid, these are amazing tracks!!!