Samples only playing a fraction

I got some old 8 bit samples from the st-xx collection.
When they are loaded into the tracker, they only play a fraction of the sample, (whether played on the pads or from external midi) despite being set to one shot . Although in sample edit the whole sample plays . Am I missing something!

OG Tracker? If so…is this possibly related to issues with Snap to Zero?

Go to Config → Project Settings → Snap to Zero and turn that off and see if the issue still exists.

Yes it is , thanks for the answer. how long has that bug been present ?
They’ve had six months to fix it. They’ll end up removing sample playback features like they did with mod import.

This bug is from 1.7.1 update.
Dont worry, we were waiting for update from 1.6 to 1.7 more that a year :clown_face: