Samples-only Impulse Tracker module import problem

Bug Description

When the *.it file has only samples without defined instruments, the tracker does not import them at all.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a simple *.it file with two or more samples without linking them to the instruments (doable for example in Schism Tracker or OpenMPT).
  2. Add some notes to its pattern.
  3. Copy the file to SD card and import in Polyend Tracker.


The bug is reproducible: always - it happened to all my *.it projects saved that way.

Found in

  • Version: (1.6.0)



Hi @luigi.elettrico , thanks for reporting the issue and we’re sorry you’re having troubles. However, as stated in the user manual the Import Mod feature will not work 100% correctly for all cases out there. We don’t plan to invest further effort into it as we want to focus in other ways of improving our Tracker products, therefore I will close this report. I’m sorry and hope you understand.

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