Samples for the first step are played at a different time than the Micromove value set

I’m experiencing a weird bug regarding Micromove (MM). It’s a bit hard to explain, but here is a video of it in action. It happens on track 4 in my project, which I have selected and set to show the MM values for the track.

In each pattern, all the steps on the track have the same MM value. But I use MM=0/24 on some patterns and MM=11/24 on others. When the Play moves to the next pattern, the first step sometimes – mostly, but not always – use a wrong value for MM. It’s the other of 0/24 and 11/24 that it is supposed to do.

This problem occurs in exported stems as well.

It believe it did not happen earlier on while working on this project. And thus I suspect it to start occurring when the project reaches a certain level of complexety. Maybe it’s some sort of race condition between making sure samples are playing at the right time and reloading all the parameters for all steps when the pattern changes. But what do I know.

What we see in the video:

Pattern 8
MM is set to 0/24 for all steps. But the first step is a little late and seems to be playing at what would be MM=11/24.

Pattern 9
MM is set to 11/24 for all steps and they are played accordingly.

Pattern 10
Same as pattern 9, MM is set to 11/24 for all steps, but the first step plays at MM=0/24.

Pattern 11
MM is set to 0/24 for all steps. But the first step seems to be playing at MM=11/24

Btw, I love how the orange curser for a track follows the MM value and “waits” a bit when moving to a step that has a positive MM value :slight_smile:

Reproduction Steps

I tried reproducing this in a clean song, but didn’t manage to. I’d be happy to share my project files with Polyend staff if that would be useful.


Happens every time I play my song.


1.4.0 (build 1078)

@3xm Thank you for reporting this issue.
Please, share the project file. It will help us a lot to reproduce and fix it. :slight_smile:
You can upload it here as a .zip file.


@borsuk sure! The file is too big to upload here, but I’ve uploaded it to my own server.

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@3xm Thank you for uploading the project. We will investigate this issue, and keep you updated as soon as we have any progress :slight_smile:

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