Samples can't be normalized after Render & Load

Bug Description

Rendered samples cannot be normalized in built-in Sample Editor until reboot

Reproduction Steps

  1. Select steps in pattern to render
  2. Render Selection
  3. Use Render & Load function
  4. Try to normalize rendered sample to 100%


bug is reproducible always

Found in

  • Version: 1.7.0 and 1.7.1
  • Build: 561


Maybe later

Things to mention:

  • I didn’t test other effects of Sample Editor, maybe they become broken too (except Amplifier, it works)
  • Maybe other samples can’t be normalized too after this bug occurs

@PRAYTHEPO Thank you for reporting this issue.
Could you upload your project and specify what selection did you use for the Render & Load?

I can, but they will work fine after you open this project on your PT. So does it make sense?

Found out that rebooting device does not always work (!)

They can render them again.
It’s not about the files, but the process, I guess.
What’s happening in that session of yours, maybe?

normalize (333.8 KB)

Video Link

Attached newly created project with problematic sample. Also there is vide of me trying to mess around with this problem. There is whole process on video: from creating a chord into rendering it and trying to normalize.
Sometimes rendered sample works fine and normalizes. I tried different combinations of rebooting re-rendering, copying, etc. Sometimes sample actually normalizes, it’s 50/50 chance.

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Attached video and project. Maybe you can test it too?


I will test it later…

@PRAYTHEPO Thank you for uploading the project! However, the video needs permission to view it.
We will investigate the problem and try to find the solution. :slight_smile:

Gave permission for the video. You can watch it now

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@PRAYTHEPO Sorry for such a late answer. Thank you for reporting this bug. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.

Turn off Extra headroom option in config. You probably will not have a reason to normalize the result.

BTW, one question - can you hear audio output switch off and on in your device during rendering? Kind of click.
I’ve watched your video but I’m not sure I can hear it.

I usually normalize every sample I work with, it helps with gain staging.

Not sure about clicks, but with headphones I can hear screeching noise.

Additional info: Was not able to normalize sample after using Compressor in Sample Editor.

I mean mechanical click inside device. The same click I can hear turning on and off device.

The same happens during selection rendering.
I can’t understand the purpose of it.

It doesn’t happen with 1.6.0

It’s relay. Why it clicks at rendering - I dont know, but it is needed in some cases on startup of the device