Sample Loader - Difference between Add / Add next?

Can somebody please explain to me the difference between these two features in the Sample Loader?
No matter what I choose… they seem to do the same thing.

Or am I overlooking something?


I’ve updated the title from Add new to Add Next since that’s probably what you meant.

The difference is the following:

  • Add - will load the selected sample to the currently selected instrument slot and stay there
  • Add Next - will do the same, but instead ot staying on the instrument slot it will move to the next instrument slot

This allows you to quickly load multiple samples without having to navigate between the two columns.


It was a stupid question somehow, I think I mixed them up sometimes and was wondering why it didn’t work. Now I got it. My mistake…

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It’s all good :heart: , i also at times hit the wrong buttons there and get confuddled that things happen that i didn’t expect :laughing:

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