Sample Loader and Sample Editor and Sample Playback Preview at different pitches

Bug Description

Samples Previewed in the Sample Loader play at a different pitch than the Sample Editor.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open the Sample Loader
  2. Navigate to any Sample - ideally one with an easily discernable pitch (ie: ARC Noise/stabs/stab_beast_F).
  3. Preview the selected sample. Note the pitch that you hear.
  4. Add (or Import, including Low Quality - it doesn’t seem to matter) the Sample to an Instrument slot.
  5. Open the Sample Editor for the Instrument you just added the Sample to
  6. Press the Preview button (the Enter button on the Mini) - note that the Sample is playing back two octaves lower.
  7. Go into the Pattern view
  8. Insert a Step targeting the Instrument you just added
  9. Change the Note values until you match the pitch you heard in the Sample Loader during Preview and then the Sample Editor during Preview (for me, C5 matched what I heard during Preview in the Sample Loader and C3 matched what I heard during Preview in the Sample Editor).
  10. Update: you can experience the same behavior by using the Sample Playback to Preview the file.


But is seemingly not reproducible in a new Project but is always reproducible in a Project I carried over from my Tracker (running 1.8).

Found in

  • Version: 2.0.0
  • Build: 995


Update: I was able to locate a backup of the project I’ve been recreating the bug with (link). This is a Tracker 1.8 project. With a new memory card (see: issues below) I was able to again reproduce it by opening the project on my Tracker Mini and following the reproduction steps above.

Since the issue does not occur for me in a Project created on the Tracker Mini, perhaps there is a configuration flag on the Project that sets the ‘root note’ for Preview? And perhaps the Project from the Tracker contains a reference to a pitch for the Preview that isn’t set the same when creating a new Project on the Mini?

Original Attachment Post:
I’d love to attach the Project file but I seemed to have experienced Data Loss after connecting the device to my Windows PC. Explorer would not reliable navigate the folder structure and I was unable to get Windows to allow me to Eject the drive, so I exited USB Storage Mode and disconnected the unit. Now most of my Projects and my entire Samples folder are missing. This is tragic comedy of errors, tonight.

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Hi @erik, Thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues with the Trackers. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

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