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a tracker user leaving the device to capture ambient sounds of a particular place and then coming back to it will find themselves saddled with samples that they cannot bring into the tracker workflow efficiently via the sample editor window, one of the best features of the tracker. Being able to record samples longer than what is immediately usable by the core feature set creates an interesting dissonance in what is possible with the usage of the device, and its in-built limitations. So!

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What is the problem?

The Sample Editor currently can only view seconds that are 45 sec or shorter, which is also the original max sample length on the tracker. Because Polyend have followed the wish request to remove the cap on a recording’s possible length, the device can now record samples that are not actually able to be edited on the device, unless broken up or curated in some way. This takes less conventional source recordings out of the smoothness of the tracker workflow unless they are pre-curated and cut up in length.

This user believes that expanding the usable length of sample in the sample editor brings the devices capabilities in line with potential suggested usages of the device, like leaving the device on a surface somewhere to record for up to several minutes. Destructively editing and resampling these files, in particular, on the tracker should be possible.

What should this feature achieve?

Being able to view and work with longer samples, such as interviews or field recordings, in the editor would enable you to more deeply and destructively edit your longer samples straight on the tracker using it’s onboard resampling features, as opposed to the computer.

Bringing this feature to the tracker would allow such long or esoteric source recordings to become more involved in the tracker workflow, which really utilizes destructive editing and resampling.

Are there any workarounds?

Right now, the only way to change or edit a recording longer than 45 seconds on the tracker is using the import function on the sample loader page to cut the length. You can also set slice points to get to specific parts of a longer sample in the playback window, or scan with the granular function. So, the only way to resample a sample that is longer than 45 seconds would be to use the pattern renderer and bounce the whole selection in place, so to speak.

Instrument parameters still function normally. You can still view the whole sample in the sample playback window.

If this is the original problem, that has inspired you to create this wish, then this should be considered a bug instead of a feature request. :blush:

Would you like to me rewrite this wish a Bug instead, or do you want me to close this wish and you create a new bug report instead?

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Hey friendo! Somebody from the Admin team listed my original bug report as “fixed” on this issue, and directed me to the wish template. You can probably still see it in recent post history. I think it was @borsuk

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

Weeeeeee my first votable post!!