Sample editor preview plays the sample pitched after it has been imported in low quality

Bug Description

when auditioning / previewing newly loaded samples via import in the sound editor, the sample is pitched up and not heard at middle C.

Reproduction Steps

  1. sample loaded via import
  2. sample edited via one of the options in the editor
  3. preview button pressed to hear the change from the edit. sound is pitched up.


the sample plays pitched up when auditioned with the added edit feature. This makes it hard to discern the change when A/B ’ ing with the the sound you want to include in the music.

Found in

Version (1.6.0)
not sure which build version


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Hi @kingstogie , we are sorry you’re having this issue and thanks for your report. We’ve been trying to reproduce this issue, but only could with Low Low quality option. Is that true? Can you reproduce the issue when Import Normal function is used also? If so, please tell us more exact reproduction steps. Thanks and best regards

Hello ! No trouble at all and thanks for the reply / investigation.
You are not wrong - i actually think this might be in low quality mode as i have been using that . I will try myself and get back to you.

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Hi @kingstogie , thanks for your reply. Did you maybe have time to check this? I would like to close this, if possible. Best regards

I’m apologise for not reply. Yes I have tried it and it is attributed only to low quality importing.

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@kingstogie Thanks for checking! I will update the title to reflect this. We will try to deliver a fix in future updates and let you know. Best regards