Safe PAD Select frustration


whenever i select or hold a single pad for editing it often disappears and so does all of the work i’ve done on that pad/beat. (I know about Redo)

is there a safe way to always select a pad for editing without risking deleting that pad?

There isn’t a way to safe select, however you shouldn’t lose any work on the pad/beat as long as you don’t change the sample. So if you deselect the step on accident you should be able to simply place another trigger on the grid and it will be exactly like the step you were editing if you are on firmware 1.1 or higher. Does that make sense?

yes, i understand how to undo a step, delete, copy, paste etc.

i’m using the latest firmware.

it’s just that its happening 5 or 6 times for EACH step i’m working on.

just getting really frustrating.

What Mitch is saying is that, even if accidentally a pad can be disabled (light turns off), all its information is still in memory (like the clipboard when you cut & paste in a computer). If you tap again, all that information will be stored in the pad (light on), and in as many pads as you tap.

Unless you mean something different, and in that case it would be useful to describe steps that can be reproduced.

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If you press a pad accidentally and quickly, the current “work step” will not be changed. So the data of the erased pad will be lost.

Okay, sounds like it might be a hardware issue if it is happening 5 or 6 times each step. I would open a support ticket, and it would be very helpful to send a video in if you can capture the issue.

shift+pad is the safest way imho


exactly what i was looking for.

thank you so much!

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