Rubber Pads Responsiveness

Hey there!

Just wondering if it’s normal, that the pads don’t feel very responsive/ accurate sometimes…? In some situations I have to press a pad two to three times until it responds properly, which often makes live recordings very unreliable.

The pads do respond better, when the song is not playing though. So, it kinda feels software related (at least I hope so).

Or am I expecting too much, since I’m used to the pads from my monome grid?

I’m using the Silver Edition of the tracker (in case that matters).


The pads on the Tracker are fixed velocity, so, they’re not designed for pressure sensitivity and the sort. I think of them as useful for inputting notes, but, not really meant to be performance based pads like those on other bits of kit.

However, if you’re regularly experiencing a repeatable issue with the same pads being unresponsive, that may be something worth recording and reporting. Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your answer!

I’d also like to know how other users are experiencing the responsiveness of the pads. I can’t figure out, if my pads are working like intended or if they are kinda faulty or if I’m just not used to them.

Would be interested in what the community has to say about the pads.

Thanks in advance :v: