Rhett: Tense Stroke

“The Tracker really brings out a certain inspiration that feels so different than a lot of the workflows that I’m used to.”

“Coming from Eurorack and MPC background, picking up the Tracker felt foreign at first, but in the best way possible. Chopping up breaks and midi sequencing is extremely fast and intuitive on the Tracker, and the step from having loops to having a full song feels so natural. The Tracker almost pushes you to finish ideas. I know within the first week of having the Tracker I felt extremely comfortable with it as a tool to bring out creative ideas.”

Rhett - Tense Stroke (Polyend Tracker Scene Project)


“This track, Tense Stroke, like a lot of tracks I make was sketched out on the Tracker and then finished in a DAW, which the Tracker makes extremely easy with its export functions. I then threw on a vocal layer, and a somewhat chaotic bass part on the end to give the track a slightly different feel. I love machines that give a sense of inspiration and the Tracker is fantastic at that.”

Get the project of Rhett – Tense Stroke here.


“My name is Rhett Vail Castro and I go by the artist named Rhett. Currently based in Portland, Oregon. I create audio art that has a focus on modular synthesis, field recordings, and sampling. I use my environment as inspiration for the art I create. As an electrical engineer I absolutely love gear and am always looking for the next thing to get my hands on, and the Polyend Tracker definitely soothed that itch for the time being.”