Reset the default pattern

Is it possible to reset the pattern to its initial state, including not only samples but also playback settings. If you select tracks and delete everything, only the samples are deleted…
sorry for my english

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I have to open a new project every time.
I also noticed that if I go to the next pattern, the randomization and chance settings remain there …

Does this work for you?

  1. Select all the audio tracks and Delete (Shift + Fill)
  2. Same with the MIDI tracks.
  3. Shift + Save to reset randomizations.

Thanks a lot

Is it possible to reset the track length if I changed it

Is there a way to reset the pattern

This? (from the manual)

To delete patterns, press and hold corresponding grid pads and use the Delete command (Shift + Fill key combo).

Actually this is simpler than deleting tracks and randomizations manually. :slight_smile:


This way I get the full default pattern?

I think so?

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