Required to register to upgrade?

Noticed that you need to register your Play in order to download firmware 1.3 - and it’s not available under Downloads (yet?).

Is this how Polyend intends to handle all firmware updates in the future?
If so, why?

What if someone sells their already registered machine but doesn’t unregister it, will the new owner be able to register it?

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Yes, we will move all future downloads to the downloads page in your account. We are migrating everything for each device to this area. Access requires registration because the factory sample packs, new sample packs, and other proprietary downloads will be here and we are not releasing this content to the public.

The way it is set up now only allows for 1 registration on the page. If you sell a machine, ideally, you unregister it, but we understand that likely wouldn’t happen in practice most of the time. We want to make this easier on 2nd hand owners. However, a limit of 1 registration per device was the default for the system we chose to use and there it isn’t a button I can click to change that.

So at this time, if you do have issues with registration of a used device and the first owner does not unregister, email to help, and we will update the registration process make it easier to register for 2nd owners soon.

I fully understand the need to put sample packs, etc behind a “registerwall” but when it comes to firmware it does seem a bit weird.

A quick glance at two other manufacturers (Elektron and Korg) show that they have firmware/updates openly available.

I fully agree with this, having a place to finally properly download sample packs for the Play is great but locking updates behind registration just feels off.

In my opinion, the firmwares should be placed on a public page.

No. Please no. Can’t you just release the sample packs via some members club?
Having firmware not public will just lose customers. People are already tired of keeping an managing gazillion accounts, passwords, codes, having to share e-mail or phone. Just… no.

We can move the firmware…behind a paywall!

Just kidding, yeah we’ll move it in to the downloads section too. :wink:




Just a simple info that could make the section more enjoyable: please add any info to show the release date of the sample packs or other goodies. Since there are a lot of great things (thanks Polyend) to enjoy it’s not easy to spot new additions, even with release number info (1.0, 1.1. ecc). A date would be more direct and useful. Thanks.

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