Required files on a new Micro SD card?

I bought a 128GB MicroSD card for daily Tracker use – I hope to leave the 16GB card that came with the Tracker in the box. Question: do I need to replicate the directory structure on the included card with my new card, or can I structure my own samples, instruments and projects to my own liking?

Thank you!

Hey @crtzmo , it’s been a while since i actually added a new card, so i’m not quite sure i remember it correctly. But i think the Tracker will create the folders that it requires for itself automatically once you insert the card.

Just download the stock Tracker content on the Polyend site, put all in the card and you’re good to go :wink:


as soon as I know u need to download the content from the site, or copy it from another card. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Sandroid, @_noir! Noted, will do. :space_invader:

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