Render selection starts on wrong position

When render selection is trigerred during playback running, rendered audio doesn’t match selected area (i guess it starts not at selected block start but at playhead actual position in moment when render selection is activated)

Reproduction Steps

  • make selection with playback running
  • jump to “render selection”
  • render selection

Now listen to rendereded wav. It starts at wrong position.


It happens 100% of time. If playback is stopped, remdered selection is always OK.

Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below

Mini v1.1.0

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Wait. You try to render something while playing pattern?

Well yes… it’s possible … during playback, when you switch to record mode you can easily make selection and then hit “render selection” button … of course it then stops playback during render is actually calculated - but rendered result starts on wrong position …

Maybe it rounds step from where to start render to +1 because of playback. It sounds logical

well it’s just bug that’s all … it’s nothing rounded, it just random, it starts on momentary playhead position (which is wrong) instead on selection start (which would be correct)

not needed to speculate about it… it just needs to be fixed :joy:

How it should behave you think? Playhead should jump the the render selection position? That would mess up playback obviously. The bug report makes no sense to me.

oh god … it’s “render selection” … it should render selection regardless of playhead position prior to renderimg start … it’s not “render the selection but just partially from playhead position”

As i said, it stops playback anyway before it starts render, so currwnt behavious makes no sense.

Also i think it’s on polyend devs to decide if this is meaningful bug report or not…

Ah…I missed that part. My apologies.
Any way, stopping playback pre-rendering solves the issue, right? So it’s not that critical and is easily ‘workaroundable’?

Yeah it is not criticall issue, absolutely not … just wanted to report it … i would say it’s very minor issue casue it is easy to work around, it just caused me WTF stage after my initial 3-4 tryouts to render selection were always wrong, I was wondering if i am going crazy or what :smiley:

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All bug reports are always appreciated! Thanks for catching this one :slight_smile:

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im glad if i can help improve this already fantastic product ! :handshake:

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@marek.dendes Thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues with the Mini. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

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