Render individual tracks to stereo files

It would bring a great improvement to have to ability to export each track in stereo.

What is the problem?

Individual tracks are exported in mono, by doing this it removes all the panning edits done to the samples/instruments of the track.

What do you want to achieve?

As it is done for the master track, during the render process, it would be really nice to have the possiblity to export each individual track of a project to stereo files. It could be a new option in the File/Export menu, for example Export Stereo Song Stems as there is already an empty slot there :star_struck:

Are there any workarounds?

It is possible to record each track one by one to preserve the stereo field, but it might be less practical.

Any links to related discussions?

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@djenzar In 1.6 it should export in stereo. Which version are you using?

Hi @miropoly, I just checked and you are right! With v.1.6, individual tracks are exported stereo! This is great!

Then I think the description should be updated:

While rendering stems, the Tracker exports 8 mono track files

From this post:

Shall I close this wish then?

@djenzar I will close the wish. @Arek can you update the post linked up please?

Ok, thank you @miropoly!

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