Register my Polyend Play if bought Secondhand

Hi, Newbie here looking to buy a Polyend Play but possibly a secondhand machine, I am disabled and money is very tight. If the machine has been registered could I transfer the reg or re-register the machine. Unsure what I should do? Any help would be gratefully recieved.

Many thanks, Colin

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I had noticed that there is a post of them selling b-stock units on here and they gave me a bigger discount than the least expensive used unit I could find. Plus when I got it I couldn’t notice anything wrong with it so was very pleased. I just got mine yesterday so they probably have some b-stock units left and they claim to give the full warranty on it, so it was a no brainier for me not to buy a used one.

Search “b-stock” on here if you want instructions on how to get one. You can also do the other trick I did that works in the USA – not sure if other countries have this available. But I signed up for a credit card that gave me $100 off if I spend $1k in 3 months. You can find offers that are even better than this (higher discounts and lower spending), but I do this usually a few times a year so I couldn’t find a better one because I did many of these already. They also were kind enough to wait a bit while the card was in the mail because I was concerned maybe they would be all out by then.

Thank you for your reply. I am unfortunatlely in the UK and I have in the past ordered goods for the the States and outside the UK and been stung for silly amounts of custom duty/import tax. I can’t imagine things are any better now especially since we have left the EU. So if I get one it must be in the UK already. Though if secondhand still a little worried reregisteration though surely that should work like a car and the fact you are just the new proud owner of the machine.
Thanks for your input.

Hi @framedview, registration code problems can be sorted out. I would not worry about this.

And yes, as @radfaraf says, I suggest giving a shot to B-stock clearance - Tracker / Play LIMITED offer. It only takes an email to ask for availability and price for the UK.

Hi @framedview

I’m from the UK and I recently bought a Play direct from Polyend, the price at checkout is the price you pay, you do not have any customs charges to pay, Polyend takes care of the shipping and handling from their end and only took 5 or so days to arrive, so just send them an email to see if they have any B-Stock left in stock.


Have bought one. Yeah! Though lost at present but will ask in forum, thanks guys

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Hi ! I bought one second hand and the former user just had to unregister his device from his account so that I could add it to mine :slight_smile:


I figured that would happen, fortunately the guy had not even registered the machine… obviously a keen musician.

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I just bought a b-stock device from a very reputable webstore in NL.
SD card was missing and the previous owner still has it registered… Just my luck.

@hanamin please write to our support (via website)
We’ll fix your problems, no worries :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! I’ve contacted support, hopefully I can start using my Play soon, I’m itching to get started :blush: