Redirect Destination Option In Instrument List

Two FX events is one of the biggest limitations of the Tracker. Users often have to resample awkwardly when they want third or fourth FX actions.

The Cirklon gets around this with a “redirect” aux event, sending all aux events on a track to affect track n.

What is the problem?

Running out of FX slots or wanting polyphonic notes which share a single instrument.

What do you want to achieve?

To get around polyphony and FX slot limitations.

Are there any workarounds?

Resampling, but it’s annoying.

Any links to related discussions?

Check out Splitradix’ video on Aux events on YT. His channel is the best place to learn Cirklon stuff.

Any references to other products?



That’s an interesting proposal. So essentially you would forfait / give up one track to use it’s FX steps for another track?

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Yes. Either the FX steps OR the notes could be sent to another track or instrument.

This would be different behaviour from simply having a second COPY of the instrument.

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Not a tracker, but this is roughly how the Erica Synths LXR drum machine deals with limited mod sources too

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I multisampled one of those a couple weeks ago. It’s surprisingly cool for a digital drum machine.

Specific types of beefy kicks and snares are not possible, but if you use your creativity to avoid those particular sounds there’s other sounds that can play the roles just fine.

This could be a plan. Octatrack has a setting for dedicated fx on one track. Could be useful. E.g. Track 8 as an fx send track.

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I prefer more tracks than less tracks. Its already a thing with laying down sounds (pads, drums, synths, vocals, bassline)

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I agree. I need as many tracks as poss, but as an option I have nothing against it. One alternative is master fx, and send to master…

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Hi @thephatconductor , thanks for your contribution to the Wishlist! Unfortunately, we can’t take this into consideration as it would take too many critical design changes which could lead to all sorts of issues, but we will think about this when designing new features and products.

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