Randomized notes will not stay randomized unless you hit Save

Bug Description

When using Randomize, the parameters default back to zero once I do something else.

Unless I’m mistaken, the randomization should stay randomized?

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open new file, and load some samples.
  2. Input some notes (for example, 4 kicks on one track and 8 hi-hats on a second track)
  3. Select hi-hat track, and assign desired randomization (eg. randomize 100%, sample in folder)
  4. Select a kick channel to alter anything, pitch for example. Note how hi-hat track now ignores the inputted randomization.
  5. Select hi-hat track again, notice randomize is now 0%.


bug is reproducible always

Found in

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Build: 1405



You re supposed to bake it in by hitting save. Otherwise randomisation is wiped

Its not continuous.
Chance is continuous and randomization you have to print/save.

I don’t have my Play near me atm, but as I remember things:

While you are dialing in randomization options, it’s only a preview. If you navigate away from the selected steps, things are reverted. Which is a good thing. Otherwise there would be no way back from your randomization experiments as soon as you start turning the knobs. In order for the randomization to be persisted, you need to press Save (or something like that.) The randomization options will then revert to 0 and you can experiment with another randomization on top of the one you just saved (e.g. on another parameter).

Oh, I may have completely overlooked that by mistake! That’s excellent, thanks!