Quick copying Step Pages (16,32,48,64) doesn't get saved to current pattern after switching to another one

Bug Description

Tracks copies don’t stay after change the pattern and come back.

Reproduction Steps

Hi community, I’d like to report what I think is an issue because if I remember fine this wasn’t happening before. So:

  1. We have the four-length tracks (16, 32, 48, 64)
  2. I hold the first track and I hit the 32, 48 and 64 pads to copy the first track to the other
  3. If I change the view holding the shift key and the other pages, everything seems to be ok.
  4. Then I hit pattern, I change the pattern, and I come back to the previous pattern (the origin).
  5. Now, all the copies aren’t here. Everything is clean.
  6. I also tried by increasing the track length before and even saving the session before change the pattern, but always the same.

Any suggestion? Thank you.


Always happens

Found in

Polyend play Firmware 1.4.1



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Hi @pineal , sorry you’re experiencing issues with Play! We managed to reproduce your case, thanks for detailed report. We’ll try to analyse and fix this in the future updates. In the meantime, as workaround for this issue, you make any change on the pattern steps (parameter change of active step or adding/removing a step) and it will be registered and saved. The issue here is that Step Page copy/page is not registered as change of Pattern and therefore lost when switching it. I will also update title to reflect this, so others can find the issue more easily. Thanks again for your support!