Questions about Variations

i have 3 questions about Variations.

  1. Is it possible to copy and paste an entire column of variations?

  2. Is it possible to Copy variations from one pattern to another?

  3. Are there different possibilities of quantization of variations?

Thank you for an answer.

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Hi Ralf,

1-2. There isn’t a way to quick copy entire gollum’s but you can copy all the variations in a track by selecting the variation you want, selecting all tracks and pressing copy. Go to the desired location and press paste. This would cover 1 & 2.
3. Im not sure exactly what you are looking to do, but you can change the swing or micromove different variations.

Best Speech-to-Text error i’ve seen in a while :rofl:


Hey Mitch thanks for the tip that is awesome, I did not think of it like this! That’s a way easier way to accomplish entire column copy / paste!

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Ha! I actually typed this out so no idea how that typo happened but I’m going to keep it there for posterity.


Hello Mitch and everyone,
sorry for the delay and thanks for the reply and tip,
this is how it works for me.
Nice that so great linguistic happy accidents happen here, let’s see what else comes :wink:
To question 3:
I meant the start quantization.
If you now go from one variation to the next, the sequencer in the respective track always waits for the end of the sequence depending on the respective length of the track.
If I press Shift the variation changes immediately and I think it is like the legato function in Ableton. Am I right there?

Hey happy to help! Okay, I understand now. Yes, the only two options for loading a variation are either wait for the last variation to finish or hold shift and press the next variation.
There is an option to allow for all variations to change at once in the config menu but I don’t know if that is helpful for your use case.

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Hello Mitch,
Thank you very much for your effort.

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