Question about high pitched power plug noise

Hi, has anyone else noticed a high pitched sound coming from the Tracker’s power block?
I’ve had this issue for a long time now. The moment I turn the Tracker on it goes away, or at least gets a lot quieter but without it on it is so audible and distracting that I’ve had to unplug the USB cable from the power block every time I stop making music. Maybe this is an issue of Switzerland’s electricity with the charger? Or do I need to order a replacement? I’ve solved this in the past by having the plug on a follow-power strip that only gives the power block electricity when my mixer is turned on but my current setup does not allow this and I thought I’d ask here before I order another one of those just to solve this issue. It is definitely not an issue of where it’s plugged in, it’s the same on the wall plug or subsequent power distributors.


Swiss Tracker user here from Aargau. :wave: :carrot:
I have an OG Tracker and the Mini. I don’t have that issue at all.

This to me sounds like a faulty powerblock. Either get it replaced or just use any spare phone charger that you might have laying around. It will have enough juice to power the tracker as it has very low power consumption.

Oh thanks, that fixed it. Guess I won’t have to get a replacement then! Schöns Wuchenend :smiley:

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