Question about Gate Length

My scenario: I use the first 3 tracks for drums. Typically, another piece of gear is used for the sounds, so I use MIDI out. When using MIDI out, I feel it is best practice to always end what you sent - whether it’s with the actual OFF command or with the gate length FX. In the past, I’ve seen weird behavior with MIDI - nothing that I couldn’t avoid, and it may have even been corrected by now.

When writing drums over MIDI, It is somewhat tedious to always enter the OFF command for every note, and often times I’ll need to use the gate length FX for 1/16th notes. So whenever I start writing a new pattern, I will blanket fill those tracks with a q25 FX using the fill function. It makes entering notes very easy - just like any other sequencer. However, at the end of the process, I will have a bunch of steps with just a q25 FX and nothing else.

My question: Will having a step with just a gate length FX (or any FX, for that matter) and nothing else affect overhead if no note is being sent? Am I overcomplicating things? Little bit of both?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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it seems to me that if i get too much going on (effects every step, etc) the tracker just starts ignoring things. (i could be wrong, and expect to be corrected if so, thanks internet!)

however, you can delete the data on that fx lane, and re use the fill command and set it to fill ‘every’ ‘note’, and then it will only put the effect where you have triggered a note. hope that helps.


Great idea - just a quick cleanup. Definitely enough to fight the paranoia. :slight_smile: