Psa for (bass) guitarists using tracker

if you set the pads layout to 5 and the pads scale to chromatic, the pads are now laid out like the notes on a bass guitar. this makes jamming in chords and melodies super intuitive if you are a guitarist.

this is probably obvious to a lot of folks, but it really is a game changer for me. i added some stickers where the fret markers would be to make it even easier…


How do you get your guitar sounds into the Tracker btw?
I just got a small 3.5mm mike but have not tried that yet.

^^ that method is for playing the white button grid on the tracker like a guitar. When recording in pattern mode, I can just play the buttons using the same shapes I would use on the neck of the guitar.

As for getting guitar into the tracker so far I have just done by copying over wav files I have recorded in another source. I have considered wiring the headphone out of my practice amp into the line in of the tracker but I have not tried it yet.

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Cool. Will try that incl. your marker setup.