Props to Polyend and their embracement to agility

Just want to take a moment for all of us users to take a step back and appreciate a company that truly embraces agility and improve their products based on what the user wants rather than what they “think” the users want.

Thanks for listening to our wildest of wishes!!


I agree. They may not cater to our every whim and desire, but they do listen and shape work around requests.


I agree. The tracker is my first Polyend product and aside from it being a great machine ive sent them quite a few emails to ask a variety of questions and they have been very responsive and understanding.
About time i switched to this platform for chat and related topics !


This is encouraging to hear. I just got a play and although i may need to return it due to some weird issues I think I’ll ask for a replacement. I like im I see so far with support and the device.
Quick perspective. Each company seems to have forums and that great. But some like Arturia actually state they rarely monitor the very forum they encourage their customers to join? What? Wild!! Hoping here will be a different experience.


they seem to be in tune . good luck with the replacement !

Totally agree!:heart: