Project exhibits weird behavior after importing .pti

Been using the tracker for a couple years now and I’ve happily been clacking away at it, bug-free but since firmware 1.6 and on, things have gone downhill for me.

Steps that I took to arrive at this issue are as follows:

  • Working on project as normal
  • Importing samples → choose .pti instrument I have (tried in other projects)
  • .pti is imported, preview of samples in project stops working
  • pads will not play notes unless I press 2 at once!!!
  • the imported .pti is an amalgamation of the intrument with some of the samples in the project stuck to it after the intrument audio is done (able to audit it when pressing multiple pads)
  • Pressing “delete unused” will not remove the sample/pti imported in the slot even if no notes with it as intrument are placed in the patterns in the project.
  • This behavior will continue and project is generally unusable until I deleted the workspace folder, checked my SD card for corruption and all came back good.
  • HOWEVER, once I import another .pti intrument (a different one) in this project it all starts again.

I’m in the middle of a tracker-only album and this is a huge bummer. Second time I’ve noticed this behavior, last time I just ditched the project I was working on but this time I want to keep it.

Hi @durankievg Thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using our product. Unfortunately, I’m unable to reproduce the issue and need your help.
Is it possible to upload the project, or at least the .pti files that you imported?

Same Problem here, loading a .pti instrument into a project with an existing beat sliced sample in it will corrupt the .pti instrument, I’m using firmware 1.71.

Hi, @ifrown. Thanks for your comment and sorry you’re experiencing this issue. Can you please upload the project and the .pti instrument to help up analyse and reproduce the issue? Thank you

It´s telling me, that new members cannot upload files, where should I upload or send the files to?

Please try again, i upped your user level.

If the files are too big, an alternative would always be a Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or a WeTransfer Link.

@Sandroid I could not get around to doing anything tracker-related due to personal issues but if you’d like an example of a pti file I’ve got one