Problem with sample endlessly looping

Working on a song on the Tracker Mini I have seven patterns with content drawn entirely from the factory supplied instruments and samples. I added a single vocal sample captured with the line in from my computer. I then edited it - increasing the volume and normalising it. This became the eighth pattern. I assembled all these into a song. Now once the sample has been triggered within the song it then continues to loop endlessly, overlaying audio on tracks in which it not included. It even survives the song looping back to the start. The only was to get rid of it seems to be to terminate and restart the song. I can’t find any reason for this behaviour in the manual. And - as I’m new to trackers (but an experienced producer) - it’s possible I’m doing something stupid.

Is the sample playback set to 1-shot? It should stop after it finishes playback. If it is granular or WT or set to Loop it will loop infinitely so you have 2 options. You can add an OFF FAD or CUT where you want it to stop or add a volume envelope.

I had it set to loop. Changing it to one-shot fixed the continuous looping within the song. Thanks for solving my problem. But I’m still curious as to why it continued to loop beyond the end of the song when it returned to the beginning? I would have expected all loops to be halted as the song ended. Or perhaps even only allowing loops to repeat within the pattern in which they are called? In fact an option to enable individual loops to repeat either within pattern or within song would be useful.

Well if it’s set to a Forward or Backwards-Loop, that’s kinda the intended behaviour.
An OFF step at some point will fix that.