Problem with encoder

Hi there! I received my new Play+ a few weeks ago and been enjoying making music with it, but today I noticed the “Sample Attack” encoder is not behaving properly. As I turn it, the values don’t change linearly but completely erratically. I read about bending the encoder slightly but it didn’t help at all. The other encoders seems to be working perfectly.

Did I get a faulty unit? I already tried to restart the Play+, load a new project but it seems that specific encoder just won’t work properly. I made a video trying to show the issue.

Hey @rocinante, i’d contact Polyend Support with this directly. Definitely seems to behave weirdly.

Chances are they will answer you here as well. But might as well go the official route with this :wink:

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Hi @Sandroid, thanks a lot for your reply, I will send an email to support now.