Possibility to set which pattern to play in each cell in song mode

Being able to set which pattern should be played in each cell of the song mode.

What is the problem?

When having a repeating pattern where only one of the tracks should have variations (drum, melodic part), there’s no other way than duplicating the whole pattern and apply the desired variations on each duplicate. If a change is to be applied to the repeating part, we have to make the change on each duplicate.

What do you want to achieve?

If for example you have a repeating melodic pattern with a base drum track, and several different drum pattern variations to go with it, instead of duplicating the whole melodic pattern for each drum variation, it would be very helpful to be able to :

  • have the melodic part on a single pattern (with a base drum track)
  • set multiple rows of the repeating melodic pattern in song mode
  • prepare the drum variations in separate patterns
  • in song mode, on each row where the melodic pattern plays, input a number on the cell of the drum track to tell which drum pattern to play instead of the base one

Are there any workarounds?

It’s probably achievable in performance mode, setting a track to play another pattern instead of the current one.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

It’s kind of a groovebox way of playing, like a Roland MC101 handles “scenes” and “clips”.

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Hi @silphyd77, can it be that your wish and Possibility to mute cells in Song mode are the same, but looking at different ways to implement it?

Hey! I saw that one and voted for it also. I think it would be complementary. Muting could be used to make a single pattern evolve by muting/unmuting parts progressively, which would already be really cool. The next step could be this one. I use the Tracker essentially for sequencing and building automated full songs, and having variations for drum parts or solo synth part while looping the same base bass/chords center part is a pain right now. A lot of copy paste, which works fine except when you want to change a little thing in the repeating base part, and need to do it multiple times

Maybe it’s clearer to say the goal is to play another pattern on a specific track on a row of the song mode. Like play pattern 1 on first row, but on track one play pattern 2 on same row.

Hi. The more I think about this and the more I talk about it with others, I think I will completely rewrite this request to be much more concise and clear :slightly_smiling_face:. Do you think I should edit this one or delete and create another one? It will be the same feature of course

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Since it’s the same request, you can edit this one as much as needed. Thank you!

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I think having clips that can be shared across patterns would be a great way to handle this.

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@silphyd77 Thanks for your wish. We decided to take design of Song mode in another direction and have to reject this one, sorry. Hopefully our solution will be useful for your workflow. Thanks for contributing!


Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I’m confident you know what’s best for your device, and am looking forward to future evolutions. 1.7 announcements seems already really nice. Any hint on what you’re planning for song mode would be greatly appreciated to help me waiting :innocent:

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