Possibility to mute cells in Song mode

Yes, we want to mute individual cells in song mode. Only in song mode.

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Is as you say. Only in song mode. I think that is more useful than delete so it would be great to navigate and with a single button (no combination of buttons, for example shift+ delete ) mute cells. Thanks all for the answers and hope my wish will come true :smiley:


I have edited the description and I hope the wish is clear now.

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Thank you!!

Hi, is there a way to make this wish a wish ready to vote? Thanks


I’d like to vote for this feature request. What’s the reason for holding it back? Is there already a similar wish?

Yes, I’m thinking se as you…

Yes, there are similar wishes, please be patient and allow us time to make the right decision. Thank you

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Thank you very much for your answers and sorry, I didn’t want to hurry up this wish. Sorry again.

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@ameliagagarin Thanks for your contribution and effort put into this wish. Unfortunately, after careful consideration (which took a long time, sorry) we decided to take design of Song mode in another direction. We are working on some workaround and improvements which might bring solution(s) to your problems, but in another way. Thanks for understanding and patience.


Thank you very much. I appreciate your answer. I think the song mode needs a twist and I’m sure that what you are planning will gonna be great

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