Popping and clicking noise when recording sample

I got my tracker mini today and ran into some popping and clicking noises when using the internal mic to record samples. I’ve searched for others having se issues and haven’t found much. Levels were in the green, firmware updated, Any one else having this issue?

Hi Chris, I saw someone else having that issue on YouTube with the mini - once he took it off usb power it worked without the pops and clicks - hope that works for you, all the best, Reg

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Thanks!! I actually saw that video also, but unfortunately I wasn’t connected to USB when it happened!!

Thanks for replying!!

@chrisbratcher I can reproduce this (if it wasn’t a one-time glitch) then you are encouraged to file a Bug with the information you have.

Hi Chris, sorry to hear that, do post if you find.a solution, i love my tracker mini but have mostly been using samples i loaded onto the sd card, but i know when it goes on holiday with me soon I’ll do some sampling. Good luck & all the best, Reg

There is a known issue with noise when the screen brightness is at medium, if you switch to high or low it should go away. Not sure if this is the problem, but is your screen set to medium brightness?

Posting this, since it might be relevant as well, i just suggested the same thing to another Mini owner. In their case setting the brightness from High to Medium solved the issue :laughing:

Definitely try and change the screen brigthness so interference can be ruled out.