Polyrhythm ( Different Track length in a pattern )

I seen that they could not do something similar to this with the tracker, so I started thinking of different ways too.

So maybe a possible solution is maybe have an FX that you can set to have all notes in the track able to jump/move/revolve a certain number of steps forward or backwards. say you have a four on the floor (4,8,12,16) and you have a FX set to jump 3 steps forward, your next set would be (3,7,11,15) and then(2,6,10,14) and then (1,5,9,13) but if you used the fx on another step on the same track I think you could and up with crazy patterns. This solution would allow the playhead to always be synced up and every track would be the same length.

This was the thread I read before and what made me think about another way to possible get this achieved. Allow different number of steps per track on the Tracker - #7 by pt3r