Polyend Tracker Tutorials

Hi all, it would be interesting to have a thread dedicated to tutorials for the Tracker. I tried to find if there was already one existing, but I couldn’t find it.

The idea is to create a list of channels, video, and interesting contributions on the various aspects that the Tracker has to give, so that everyone can have immediate access to it.

To have some clarity in reading the future list, this post could be updated, in order to have it all in one place.

Then add your channels editing this post :slight_smile:

Aisjam Tracker Playlist
Polyend YT Channel


I’ve been working through these videos, lots of good tips! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnjLczcFM03z2Fvw2dcYKP3eWxAh8z4y0


Great idea! I’ll have to think of some I like later. I love @iso’s style with the Polyend YT tutorials. I’ll update the tracker tutorials list too…



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Stazmas tips and tricks with the tracker are pretty interesting videos.


But my personal opinion - short videos from the main polyend channel are enough to fully understand the functionality of the tracker. Everything else depends on imagination and the number of hours spent with the device. The only thing that lacks a detailed instruction is the midi synth mode and the parameters in the sample editing mode, it is not always intuitive to understand what parameter does what, and there is little or no information.


There’s also a cheat sheet like this. It’s not a video, but it’s very useful


Hey guys! I am a little channel but am working on a new series very close to the polyend play series I have. Here are my older videos on the tracker, but actually working on a new script for the first in the basic orientation series I have planned. It should be way higher quality than these older videos I did, and will plan to show more tricks and basics.

Link to my older tracker tutorials (will be updated when I start posting the new videos) https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQvVnhG7o2yQRHMTaFLQ46mVPCqbLXH0H


Hey Ron, I used to watch your videos a heap when I had my Deluge. Hope you’re doing well.



Hi shooted a “tutorial” on how I mix/master my dawless performances on Ableton, coming from a single stereo file!

There are also free download tutorial resources on my Gumroad page :slight_smile:

Give it a shot! :heart: Thanks!

Here’s the new episode :slight_smile:


A new tutorial is out!

Karplus-Strong synthesis inside the Tracker!

Give it a shot ;:heart::heart::heart:


very cool, I never thought about doing Karplus-strong with the tracker.


thanks Mitch! It’s funny, if in the future the delay parameters were modulable, it would open up a lot of sound design possibilities! Glad u like, thanks!:heart:

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That’s indeed a really nice idea! Well done @_noir :clap:

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LFOs in Polyend Tracker are a powerful tool that can be used for much more than just modulation.

In this video, you will learn how to use them as sound design sources to create unique and original sounds, like what I call “WATER SYNTHESIS”.

Let’s get started with Lfo madness!

I hope this video will be useful, and thanks for watching!

Tutorial files on Gumroad

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Here is another tutorial fresh from the press. More long form and hope to break some of these techniques into smaller videos to appease the mighty algorithm. But if you are looking to make some synthwave goodness. check this one out.

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Here’s one I made on getting drumloops to fit your tempo:

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And a long-form hangout session with the Tracker that is very beginner friendly:

Great explanation of a helpful tip. Concise and very easy to follow along with. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community.

Here are some more tips to try with your tracker.