Polyend Tracker/ Tracker Mini Tutorial - 5 Hidden Live effects I know you are going to use

I wanted to make this one for a while. while the tracker has the live overdrive, bitcrusher, delay and reverb effects with a variety of destructive effects. I am highlighting some of the old ways of using trackers to make a sidechain, detrune, chorus, vibrato, tremolo and echo with a handy technique to glue them all together.

Don’t have a tracker mini on me, however this is all to do with the pattern and instument editors so you can join in too.


Great overview of many of the techniques that make trackers so amazing @Aisjam! Well done :partying_face:

To my own shame i noticed i wasn’t even subscribed to you yet. Had to fix that :heart:.

As an additional tip for everyone: don’t sleep on rendering parts down to sample to process them even further. Especially now with the Mini which can play stereo samples.