Polyend tracker mini tutorial :- for complete beginner

Hiya, Got my Mini tracker a couple of days ago and I am struggling a bit. I know it’s only just come out and it takes a while but can someone do a tracker mini tutorial for us people who have zero experience of trackers, I was seduced by the idea of a tracker and the portability is icing on the cake. I was put off the OG Tracker, mono only, limited memory, size, it’s basically a studio instrument and the mini seems to answer all those things with the extra benefit of a more powerful CPU. Problem is I’m Struggling and need a bit of guidance. How about it! surely one of you tracker veterans can start up a set of tutorials to help us out PLEASE.:sunglasses:

Currently there aren’t many tutorials as the Mini is making its way to their new owners :blush:

BUT… you can always follow any existing OG Tracker Tutorials, since pretty much everything works the same. Whenever the Jogwheel or the Pads are used you can substitute that with the D-Pad and / or the new + / - Buttons.

Hope that helps until the usual Youtube Faces bring out some updated content.

In the meantime, if you got any burning questions - let us know. I can always make a quick video if the need arises. :heart:

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