Polyend Tracker how to switch instruments with MIDI?


I wonder if I can use the Polyend Tracker as an external sampler together with my DAW using multiple instruments, I haven´t found anything in the docs. As far as I can see I can only play the currently selected instrument via MIDI in:

  • is it possible to play different Instruments depending on the MIDI note that I send via the DAW to the tracker? I.e. C4 plays Instrument 1, D4 instrument 2, etc.
  • is there any “split keyboard” functionality other than assigning sample slices?
  • is it possible to switch instruments via MIDI in using MIDI CCs, or any other MIDI command?

I also tried the new “instrument Synthesizer” page (Shift + Instr. Parameters), but it seems to be the same, only one sample at a time and no way to switch them via MIDI in.

That functionality sounds pretty basic to me, I’m probably just not aware that it’s hidden somewhere :slight_smile:


Hey @callistixrs, welcome to the community! :wave:

You are not missing anything. It is indeed not possible to switch instruments via MIDI. There is also no “split keyboard” or multi timbrality.

If you would like to see such a functionality in the future, you are most welcome to create a wish.

Added the wish here: Use multiple Polyend Tracker instruments via MIDI
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