Polyend Tracker HELP white Screen on poweringON

Just received a B stock unit from Thomann but on powering the UNIT I only got a WHITE screen… any idea?

Try an emergency reset and/or different usb cable / powersupply

How do I do that?

I can’t believe I was sent a bricked unit… Im fuming
The card received had Only the firmware on the root of the sd card nothing else… no content of any kind, did create a folder named Firmware and placed thelast one inside But on Pinning the reset emergency hole close to the USB C connector does nothing… it stay Black until I release the pin and it goes back to a white screen :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

sorry was in traffic so i was a bit short with my answer. but i see you found out how to do the emergency reset.

Have you tried powering the device differently, either:

  • a different cable
  • and/or different power supply

Can be from your computer, or a phone charger. Just to make sure it’s not something power related.

did my best but no happiness, swapped cables and PC / Mac still White screen

yep… that’s not good then.
Back to Thomann it goes :people_hugging:

S…it! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If you do send it back and they plan on giving you another B-stock or used Tracker, I would advise first asking about the transfer of the registration as you’ll need to have the Tracker registered to get the SD content, Firmware, etc.

Thanks. Yes Im aware of all the aspect of register the device to obtain the default content. Obviously upset about receiving the unit with that defect… as surely the previous owner managed to brick the device OR missed to inform the support @ thomann about the screen not working. Or simply their return dep did not check the unit returned ( as the SD card was not the original one )