Polyend Tracker and ProTools; volume spiking abnormally

Bug Description

Abnormal volume spiking when monitoring Polyend through ProTools. A very niche bug but one nonetheless. Maybe an issue in ProTools?

Reproduction Steps

  1. Have at least 3 tracks running at the same time. I had a breakbeat, tr707 ride, and a 707 handclap
  2. Set up a ProTools session. Plug tracker into channels 1/2 of interface, create new track using inputs 1/2, record enable the track.
  3. play the pattern. The volume will spike drastica to the point of clipping exclusively when all 3 channels begin playing a sample.


Bug is reproduced in 1.8. happens sometimes. Enough to bother me.

Found in

345 I believe.

Hi @pingapong64 , thanks for logging the bug and sorry for the troubles. We definitely need more information to analyse if this is a bug or simply very hot signal going out of the Tracker. I expect if you play 3 very loud samples at the same time, you might end up with distortion at the output, unless you lower their volume/gain. Easiest would be if you attach the project you’re playing and we can investigate what’s going on. Otherwise please record video to help us understand what you’re doing. Thanks for your support and hope we can help you resolve this asap. Cheers

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How is this a bug?? Turn down the effin volume, mate! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:


Maybe I described it poorly. The signal itself never goes above -6 or so db on the tracker itself. It’s not clipping, that’s my bad for describing it that way. It sounds more like the signal is dropping out maybe?
I don’t know. I’ll send in a .wav of the project when I get the chance.

Maybe the signal runs hot in your interface?
I would check the input channels of your interface.

Looking at the project now.
Direct monitoring of the tracker sounds fine, it’s when it’s put into pro tools that it begins having volume issues. I think it’s an issue with the software and not an issue with the tracker.
The interface at loudest gets to -5.4 db. I’ll mess around with it more but it’s sounding like a DAW issue now.

I think so.

As the Tracker has just one line out it wouldn’t make much sense if it sounds okay on your headphones and then changes when you record it in your DAW. It’s probably something with Pro Tools.

Did you try recording anything else on those channels just to see what happens?
A drum machine or something. Just to see if it behaves the same way.

Well, it seems to do it with staccato samples like drums, plucks, etc. pads and whatnot tend to stay pretty consistent volume…

I think it’s safe to say this bug can be closed. It’s definitely a software issue.

It is sounding like it’s hot somewhere along the line between the interface and pro tools. Like if pro tools is reading the signal hotter than it should. Since the interface itself stays in the green. (Scarlett i8040 or something… The 8 input one.)

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Sounds you have a compressor or limiter working somewhere in the line.
Maybe some default setting that you have to change in the settings menu somewhere?

OK, thanks for your feedback. If you run into any other problems please let us know. I will close this bug for now.

Found it. Feel like an idiot.
There’s a side chain compression on channel 1 keyed to input 2 so the left channel was being compressed by the right channel of the Polyend.

I just had to change the view of the waveform from small to large to show effects It had on it. I think the bassist in my band was trying to sidechain the baseline with the drum beat as a key, since there was a sidechain compressor on each.

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Awesome that you found the culprit though! :heart:

Great! :smiling_face::+1:t3:
Things like this happen… especially when other folks tinker with your settings.
no need to feel like an idiot.

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