Polyend Play+ USB Audio, Windows, and asio4all

I’ve managed to get USB audio working in Studio One on Windows 10 with the ASIO4ALL aggregator and it seems to work pretty well. That said, Ideally I’d like to sync the playback tempo with the DAW. It’s pretty straightforward to do this with DIN MIDI but I the USB MIDI interface doesn’t seem to show up. Is this a side-effect of using ASIO4ALL or am I missing something?


Follow-up: When I say I have this working, well perhaps I jumped the gun. Syncing with DIN MIDI delays the start and >kinda< stays in sync, although behind a bit. Also, attempting to record a whole performance this evening (2 attempts) made it about 2 minutes in and the audio became overwhelmed with glitchy distortion (not intentionally). Increasing the asio4all buffer size didn’t seem to make any difference.

I’d be curious if anyone else has tried this?

Question! What CPU do you have? Intel or AMD?

I’m asking because:

This seems to affect the Play+ as well.

Similar to my experience except I’m using Cubase. Cubase has a monitor window to show disk/cpu level and it was all at minimal (as expected), but the type of “glitchy distortion”, as you describe it is similar to the sound of when my cpu or disk usage is peaking due to overwhelming my system with

EDIT’ I’ll note that I started to get those glitches about 25 minutes into a jam, but that was just playing back the audio between 14 stereo tracks. I didn’t attempt to record anything. I’ll give that a go during the weekend and report back with results.

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Intel i5-12600k, so it should be good?

Yeah, I didn’t try just monitoring or just monitoring the master while recording the multitrack. I’ll have another attempt this weekend.

After trying a number of things today I have been unable to record a whole session. It starts out good but around 2-3 minutes in the audio fades into garble and then fades back to clear.

I’ve also been looking for other options than asio4all and there doesn’t seem to be any that support multiple input channels. Sigh.

Also, I confirmed it isn’t a CPU issue - watching the performance when it happens and I have plenty of overhead.

Another update: I managed to record a whole session today. The “secret sauce” was to make sure the buffer size was the same for each interface in the aggregate asio4all config. Also, the midi usb interface is strangely now visible, so I don’t need a separate DIN cable.

So far I could happily interface the Audio through USB without a glitch on my Ipad Pro with both Mono and Separate Tracks on AUM but the Live 11 on my Win 10 is just painful… I’m not relying on ASIO4ALL at all , I mean I did test it but not enough, really wish Ableton could straight their programming for a WASAPI compatibility and Multi Midi channel Routing… 2024 still no trace… Will test on my Macbook but I think it may just not work straight out of the box…

I have the same issue. Every 3 minutes i get 12 seconds of distorted audio.
Using asio4all with all devices set to the same buffer size.
I am on win10 with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor
Using a usbc-usbc cable.

Anyone managed to do anything on this?
It seems that USB audio only works reliably on macs.

Well i have a I9 13980Hx Processor and Ableton. I never use Asio as and Aggregat Device just using the play + for in and out. I have to say this works for a long time but sometimes when i load a VST instrument it really falls apart. In general the Audio Device mode dont seem that stable compared to my NI komplete audio 6. But i really using lot of FX and even VST Instruments on a Hybrid situation.

I have a pretty decent PC i512600k 32 gigs of ram and this also happens with my roland sh4d(and tracker+) as well. After a while the sound will just cut out and then come back randomly all the time. Now on my macbook pro m2 its smooth as butter and I have 130 channels of aggregate devices! Windows and asio4all sucks imo for the aggregate audio world. I used to use PC for music since 1998 and I switched to mac last year and I will NEVER again use a PC for music soley for the aggregate device power. Its crazy good!

Sadly those at the head of programming windows don’t give a toss about that sort of thing. which is a mystery considering how many Pro Studio are out there working in a Win environment. I have a powerful spec myself but Asio4all suck, there are so many variables with the amount of different motherboards/USB drivers/audio drivers ect compare to Apple that basically has only one platform for all.My ipad Pro does a smooth job out of it and it’s just a tablet FCS!

There is a new kid in town, that i’m currently evaluating (and is in beta on their discord), by the folks behind Voiceemeter, called VB Matrix.

I have successfully connected all 3 USB Audio enabled device to it (Play+, Mini, Tracker+) and i’m currently testing it for stability, before i possibly recommend it here and make a tutorial for it

But i’m hopeful this could remove Asio4ALL from this equation, because as others have stated. It kinda sucks.


That would be epic!

I used to have to use software from that company to run my orion 32+ windows thunderbolt driver and get sound on windows outside of the daw. It wasn’t very good If I remember correctly. Hopefully it can do aggregates better then asio4all. People also use thier stuff for streaming though I think.

Yeah Voiceemeter seems to be the standard when it comes to streaming and more complex setups. I personally have not had any experience with their software up until now with VB Matrix.

Since i hate Asio4All with the passion of a thousand burning suns, i’ll gladly give them a chance.

But before i can recommend it here, i want to have a bit of a prolonged test with it.
In my case this means using a RME ADAT Interface in conjunction with the Tracker+ and Play+.

I checked the Matrix Coconut and its so stable my studio is now running with different devices and i can stream 7 asio devices all connected via usb and it is heaven on earth for me right now. Even more stable than play alone. Thanks so much for the tip maybe the best tip i got since the last 5 years or so!


Haha, you took the words right out of my mouth :rofl:

I will seriously have to give the Matrix a go this weekend. Another big Thanks for bringing it to our attention :slight_smile: