Polyend Play Tutorials by creativeunderdogs

Hey guys! I just started my POLYEND PLAY tutorial series. This is the first episode where we go over general orientation, that is we go over most of the basic functions. We don’t go down any random bunnyholes here quite yet, just laying down the first steps here.


Nice!!! Thank you verry much :slight_smile:


Thank you! More to come!

The second episode of my Polyend Play Basic Workflow series is now live! Discover how to mold your own sound palette, explore randomization, and unleash the power of Performance Mode.

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Here is episode 3! We go over Melodic palette ideas, Master FX, Beat generation, and MORE!

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I like this idea of creating a palette using 1 variation, great idea! Totally different from my workflow too.

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Thanks! Yeah it is a good way to use it, especially if you want to set up specific drums/melodical instruments!