Polyend Play - Midi Mapping unavailable

Firmware 1.4.0
Build: 1078

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. New Project
  2. Menu
  3. Midi
  4. CC Mapping
  5. Select Jack
  6. Select Parameter
  7. Click encoder to modify
  8. Polyend Play crashes (screen stays the same, no buttons/encoders work, have to force shut down by unplugging.

Anyone else? Any workarounds or ways to clear the data where something may be corrupt?



Hi @d11 , sorry you’re having troubles with Play. We managed to reproduce the issue on some of our units and are looking into it. We’ll inform you when a solution or workaround is ready. Thanks for your report and patience. Best regards


Hi would like to know what the update is on this. I have the exact same issue.
When can expect a 1.4.1 update?

Hi @eric.n.ahrens , sorry you’re experiencing this issue also. We have a fix ready, if everything goes as planned and our tests discover no further issues, it could be ready next week. We’ll let you know asap. Thanks for your question and patience. Best regards

@miropoly Thank you so much for the work on this! Looking forward to the fix!

Hi @d11 and @eric.n.ahrens , if you’d like to check the fix as soon as possible, you can apply for our beta program (please search how to apply in Announcements) and we’ll consider adding you. If you don’t want to be part of beta team, then please be patient and we’ll try to deliver a fix for you soon :wink: Thanks and best regards


Hi, I came here to report this problem and found this thread. Has a fix been released yet?
I’m in the beta program - please let me know where I can download beta files. Thanks!

No official release that I’ve seen yet but I applied for beta program to test and waiting for response.

@choogaface I see you only applied for Tracker beta, that’s why you don’t have access for Play yet. @d11 please check your inbox :wink: Thanks to both of you for your replies!

Same problem here :frowning:

Just discovered this problem today and found this thread. Hoping for a fix real soon since all the default mappings are useless with my Digitone.

CC mappings are vital to how I plan to use my Play, my unit is in the mail to me right now, arriving Monday. I really hope mine doesn’t have this issue! I have a stream gig with it coming up in a week and a half.

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This reply are now 2 weeks old and no fix has been released. Can we expect something soon? This bug does impair working with midi-devices pretty much.

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Same here.
Crushes after atempt to change CC parametr.
Crush badly with only one solution pull power out can’t be good for divece.
Still got 14 days to return divece to store.
Past created 22d ago.
I think midi sequncer is not the best site of this divece.
Thank you. Better i go.

Even though I agree, that Play needs more attention and feels like a beta with relatively slow development pace, no need to rush, the fix is over the corner, I assure you.


Software development takes time. Have patience. They responded very quickly both to acknowledge and confirm the existence of the bug, and that they had a resolution. In all likelihood it will make it out soon with other fixes.


Yeah you can expect it soon, we just want to test to make sure there are no additional bugs before releasing the fix.


1.4.1 Freezing Hot Fix is up on the website now - Downloads - Polyend


Thank you!

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thanks - this is excellent! And really fast response. :slight_smile: