Podcasts recommendations for music production / sound design

I checked if there was already a podcast thread, I found one but more about music channels. So let’s start one.

Nothing against video, but I’m trying to spend less time on the screen if I can, so podcasts are a great alternative (especially the audio only ones where they put more care in not pointing at things and verbalizing what one can’t see). Maybe there’s a other avid podcast listeners on here, would love to know about the gems you found.

The music channels did mention a few podcasts tho:

To recap listed there:
The Mr. Bill Podcast ‎The Mr. Bill Podcast on Apple Podcasts
Started checking this one out.
Hanging Out with Audiophiles with Jamie Lidell ‎hanging out with audiophiles on Apple Podcasts
Song Exploder Song Exploder - Episodes
Podular Modcast https://podularmodcast.fireside.fm/

Some that I found intresting:
Synth Stories on Ask audio 2016 Synth Stories : Ask.Audio
Discontinued as far as I can tell.
No recent episodes but I loved hearing artists breaking down how they worked with a specific instrument to get a given sound and what their process might be like.

Synth Design Podcast ‎Synth Design Podcast on Apple Podcasts
Latest episode: March 2023
Bit more about instrument design but I still found it interesting to hear longer discussions and find out how stuff gets made.

Do you have other good podcasts you found helpful or fascinating? Can be synthesis or production, mixing or anything. The don’t have to be active ones, sometimes older podcasts still have awesome conent :slight_smile:


I personally enjoy the following: