Play's manual mentions 8 reverb Perform effects but there are 16

Bug Description

This is really a minor thing, but still.

The Play’s manual, says in the Perform Mode section:

The exceptions are the eight Reverb preset, and all the Loop effects.

But there are 16 Reverb presets (plural) in Perform mode, and all of them seem to respond even when no tracks are selected.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Check Polyend Play - Manual


Every time you read the sentence. :joy:

Found in

  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Build: 689



Updated the manual to reflect what is really happening:

“The exceptions are the Loop effects, Delay and Reverb. Loop effects are master effects and will be audible even when no tracks are selected. The Delay and Reverb effects change your master effects even when no track is selected”

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Thanks @Mitch I’ll close it

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