Playback from any point in a pattern

I’ve been wondering what the feasibility of this would be, to open a discussion and possibly a wishlist idea.

Let’s say I have a pattern that’s 64 steps, and I’m working on the third page of it (steps 48-63).
If I change a note placement and want to hear it I would press play and hear the first two pages play before getting to the step I’m interested in.

My idea is to choose the playback starting point by holding a pad and pressing play.

The complication comes when you realize all of the tracks could be running at different lengths and rates, so the system would have to calculate where the other tracks would be if the pad you selected played, in order for everything to be in proper sync.

If that technical hurdle could be overcome, it would be a really powerful and efficient workflow boost to start playback from any point in your pattern when auditioning changes :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?


Hmmm just an idea, maybe it would be cool if it could just “preview play selection” and in options could be set to “loop” or “single preview” which would just play it a single time?

Just an idea that might help… But then again what if you have weird selections of individual steps randomly across the pattern…


I agree that this would be a nice feature!

@choogaface In the meantime though (I always forget this)>

Press Shift + Play > play pattern from the currently highlighted step (rather than having to start from the top)

I’m not sure I’m understanding.
When I press shift + play, it plays from the beginning of the current pattern and continues through the chain of patterns.

Doesn’t seem to have an effect on the step playback starts from.

@choogaface We may be talking about different things. The shift+play (playback starts from current step–the step wherever you paused playback–rather than returning to the first step) works in Pattern mode. I’m not sure about Song mode. Made a quick vid as example>

Ah yes. Thanks for the video! We indeed are talking about different things. I’m using the Polyend Play. :wink:

Oops! Wrong Polyend product. Apologies!