Play with midi keyboard

Hi! Can someone help me with a small midi question i have? I want to play notes from my novation launchkey mini mk3 in polyend play. Can someone give me the steps i have to follow to achieve that, i tried to figure it out on my own, and searched the web for some info but there is nothing out there yet. In the manual it says that this is possible if you dont want to use the piano roll that paly has. Thanks!

Make sure your MIDI controller is connected from its MIDI out to the Play’s MIDI in. Make sure any DIN to TRS connections are TYPE B. In the main menu on the Play, go to Notes In and change to MIDI in Jack. Set Notes in Channel to whatever channel your MIDI controller is set to, OR set to Omni to listen to any/all channels. With the sequencer running (meaning you have hit the PLAY screen button) Pick a sample using the Sample knob. Play notes on the controller. You should hear the sample being played. Use the other knobs to fine tune the sound to your taste. Doing this before recording is easiest IMO. Now select an empty track for recording by using the rightmost pad on whatever track you wish. Press the LIVE REC screen button to enable live recording. Now whatever notes you play will be recorded. This will also overdub/replace notes as the playhead comes back over the steps you’ve already played/recorded. If you select multiple tracks before live recording, that is how you get polyphony. Two tracks=two notes etc. Note that MIDI settings (notes in, notes in channel) are PER PROJECT so any time you make a new project you’ll need to set these.


I’ll add that in Settings you can set whether what you record is quantised or not. I find having a temporary click track useful.


Thanks for your help!